About Us

Our Mission:

To get people together, have fun, socialize, and save by hosting fun events while at the same time making a big impact on our community.

About Us

As Abraham Lincoln once said “In the end, it's not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years”. In the process of living, many of us have forgotten to live, we only exist. Really it’s not our fault, everyday struggles and social media make us forget how to. Socializing and human interaction have somehow become alien to us. We go to social media for our only form of interacting with our friends. It’s time to bring the spark and laughter back into your life.....in person!

Let’s face it, getting a social life as adults isn’t that easy. Most of us are stuck at work for forty hours a week and IF we socialize at all it’s with our coworkers. My Inner Circle Club is a solution to not only finding ways of meeting people outside of the office, but exploring places in our own city that we may have never heard of before.

My Inner Circle Club not only helps you meet new people, try different places, have an affordable night out on the town, and get everyday savings, but also helps your local business owners by generating interest in their venue and supporting local non-profits.

With every complete membership, 50 meals are provided to those in need in our community. We will donate a portion of our memberships to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. We can help fight hunger together.

Bring the life back into your years with us!

About The Founder

Brenda Gayle is the founder of My Inner Circle LLC, an organization she created to get people together, empower the community, and give back to local non-profits. Brenda has carved a niche for herself and is pioneering an innovative business model in which Inner Circle has been a success among people, businesses, and non-profits in the community.

Brenda started networking and working alongside the entertainment and restaurant industry when she lived in Las Vegas, NV. She quickly saw the opportunity that would benefit both businesses and her social circle.

Before pursuing her social entrepreneurship Brenda was in the business banking field. She thrived in her career and quickly worked her way up management roles. Her undergraduate education is in Sociology and Criminal Justice, and graduate work is in Mental Health Psychology.

Brenda is also passionate about giving back and serving her community. She is a Crisis Counselor volunteer for the Crisis Text Line, volunteers locally, and hosts events to help our community in need.

Through Inner Circle, she has partnered with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and is giving a portion of every membership to help fight hunger. She feels that these small consecutive acts of giving will make a big impact on our community.  

In her free time, Brenda makes memories with her husband and three children….they keep her young and busy!