We decided to do our girls night out at La Brasa this month. There were so many reasons that sold us on this location, and one of the biggest ones was that we could easily enjoy our dinner and transition into the nightlife experience. Why didn’t I think of hosting an event here before? Well, I hadn’t been to La Brasa before and assumed it was just another restaurant…but boy was I wrong.

I wish I would have taken pictures of the entire restaurant because it’s decorated so beautifully and every private table area has a different and unique touch to it. It’s pretty, eclectic, while keeping a peacock theme throughout the restaurant. It’s like an art gallery where you just want to take it all in and enjoy the theme of each area. As the night progresses the music gets a little louder, the lights dim, and they add the perfect amount of black light to the walls to make it “pop” and get the nightlife started.

We had three different areas for dinner and they were all unique. A couple of women who had been there before said you can not go wrong with anything on the menu so I went with the pork tacos, the Korean Kalbi Tacos. They are filled with delicious grilled short ribs, glazed with Korean bbq marinade, Asian slaw, kimchi, and chipotle mayo. And yes, they are as amazing and they sound. There are three in an order and I was only going to eat one or two, but I ended up eating everything off the plate. The Inner Circle women convinced me that I would be burning off all the calories dancing, and I should also order another drink. Thanks ladies, you always know what to say to make things better.

We all ordered something different from the menu. It’s actually a quite diverse menu too with many Asian and Peruvian options to choose from. Everyone raved about their plates, so I could only assume that the ladies were right and you can’t go wrong with what you order at La Brasa. The service was fantastic. Our server was very sweet, kept checking up on us, and kept the drinks flowing. The manager also came around to make sure everything was ok and left some of the women wondering if he was single because they were swooned by his French accent. The owner, who is also the chef made his rounds around the restaurant and I can tell he’s very passionate about La Brasa.

After dinner, the staff came around and rearranged the area so we had more space for dancing and mingling. It was really cool to see the transformation from dinner to nightlife. They take all the tables out from the middle of the restaurant, except two long ones that run parallel to the dance floor so there is more room. The place fills up, and pretty quickly too so I would suggest booking a private/VIP section so you have room to sit, have some space, and enjoy the experience even more. We were able to go to the dance floor, come back and mingle, relax, and enjoy some cocktails away from the crowd.

The night went by so fast! I think I danced all my calories off and had such a fun girls night out. La Brasa was the perfect location for this event and I will definitely be back. I don’t know of many places like this in Oklahoma that have a dinner to nightlife experience that truly has the nightlife, smooth transition, and keeps it elegant and sexy so I’m very happy that they provide this type of experience. I loved seeing all the friendships and connections being made with Inner Circle. It’s also amazing to see a bunch of women who don’t know each other come together, make friends, and have a great night out. Thank you all for making it such a fun night and we look forward to our next event!


Inner Circle is an organization that gets people together to socialize, make new friends, explore what OKC has to offer, and enjoy privy offers while making an impact on our community!


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