First I’ll start by saying this was such a fun event! Dollhouse OKC is OKC’s only upscale entertainment venue, and they live up to their slogan. They have a burlesque show, I believe at the top of every hour. Don’t quote me on that, but that’s what It felt like when I was there. It is a very classy and tasteful show, and so entertaining. The ambiance is sultry and sexy, but fun. Every time I go I have a blast. Because of that, we decided to do our Roaring 20’s party there. It was absolutely perfect!


The RSVP list filled up quickly for this event. I feel like as adults we still want to have fun and dress up so events like these give us a reason to do it. I was so excited to dress up, I event got one of those fake cigarette holders. You know what I’m talking about right?


I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people dressed up. Almost everyone who joined us got into the 20’s dress up. People get the opportunity to have a fun night out, meet new friends, try amazing places like Dollhouse, and let their hair down. I actually made quite a few new friends at this one, so I’m a happy camper.



I was a little nervous about going because there was supposed to be a big storm that night, but the owner let me know that there is parking garage right next to Dollhouse that we could park in. This way we wouldn’t have to worry about hail damage. This made me feel more at ease that my car would be safe, but the more I thought about driving in an Oklahoma storm, I decided to Uber instead. I didn’t have to worry about my car, and could enjoy a few cocktails.


We were set up with their largest VIP section by the DJ booth and we were all able to chat, sit, lounge, and mingle over some cocktails. It has it’s own bar area so we didn’t have to go out into the crowded area to order our drinks. Oh, and our bartender was awesome. He remembered what we were drinking, and kept them coming!



I would recommend that you call in advance and secure a VIP table, or VIP area if you have a larger party. It’s so worth the entertainment. We were able to head out to the dance floor (which got packed pretty fast!), go back to our section, watch the burlesque shows, and take a little break from the dance floor and rest our feet. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.


The dancers are mesmerizing! Every time they came on the stage they were on point. They also got onto swings, did aerial stuff, and danced on the DJ booth as part of their performance. They even came back and said hello to us and were nice enough to take pictures with many Inner Circle members.



They even do a segment where they call three people up to the stage. That was a lot of fun. Their host Dillon asked if I wanted to go up, and of course, I said yes! He was very sweet and upbeat. When I went up the dancers were so kind to us. I was all stiff and didn’t want to mess up the dance routine! Haha One of them even told me a joke during the dance and I’m still laughing at what she said.


We had such an amazing time at Dollhouse. There was never a dull moment with so much entertainment and great company. Everyone from the bartenders to dancers, to management were welcoming and I think that’s what makes it such a great place for a fun night out. We’ll definitely be back!



Inner Circle is an organization that gets people together to socialize, make new friends, explore what OKC has to offer, and enjoy privy offers while making an impact on our community!


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